Rules for “guest post” –

  • Softech-Globe  is a niche blog on Make Money, Blogging , Technology, Tips and Tricks.
  • Your article must be minimum 500 words and not more than 2000 words.
  • Your post must be 100% original
  • You are not allow to promote your self product within your article( though you may describe your business in author bio)
  • You are allowed to put two links to your site in your author bio.

How I will send guest post ?

If you are agreed with the above rules, you may contact me through our contact form. Or send your POST through contact form.You can send MS-word file also. If you want to use any specific image for your post please attach it with your email.

I will reply you within maximum 48 hours whether it’s approved or declined. Your post will be live within 24 hours once approved.

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